Dear Wendi,
At age 45 I had been drinking since I was about 15.I had tried numerous ways to quit drinking. AA, rehab, cold turkey you name it. A few days or weeks I would be right back to where I was only feeling worse about myself after another failed attempt to quit drinking. I never could stop the desire to drink.

Wendi’s program changed my thinking and gave me a new lease on life. I have been sober 10 month’s now and haven’t had a desire to drink in about 9 and half months. I lost 20 LBS, workout, write have dreams and goals again! I have a new life.No desire to drink… doesn’t bother me at all. I still play golf with my drinking buddy’s and tailgate at Carolina Panther games, and I am often asked to be the Designated Driver. Ironic after numerous dui’s. Even when I am not listening to the cd’s I often hear Wendi’s sweet voice telling me to be proud of the person I have become. I am extremely proud of myself and happier then I have ever been.Thanks WendiI really can’t thank you enough.Ken


Dear Wendi,

I ordered your CDs 6 wks ago, I gotta tell you I haven’t had a beer in six weeks and my family came over drinking for thanksgiving and I wasn’t even tempted have a beer. I only listened to 3 or 4 days of your program, and I just totally lost my urge to have a beer which is unusual because I drink a minimum of a 6 pack a day, and have for 15 years. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you.




For the first time since I was a teen, alcohol does not seem like the answer. YAY!

Keep up the good work!I never realized how I was using alcohol as an excuse to sabotage all the good things in my life. Thank you again for your words of wisdom. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Thanks,Jane :-)


Hi Wendi,

Today is my 5th day without a drink. What a miracle. And… 3 days ago I went to the grocery store for a couple of staples and arrived at the heck-out with a basket full of all kinds of fruit and vegetable juices. That was a first! I know I have a long way to go yet, but for the first time in YEARS, I truly have hope and believe your program will continue to work for me.I’m very grateful to you, Wendi.




I listen to your three minute hypnosis every morning and at other times in the day if I feel I need a boost!….but I am so thankful to you….I give you the credit for my sobriety….and for the peaceful response that I have now to the things that used to trigger the anxiety and fear that made me want to have a drink….I have tried everything…(or so I thought!)…. I have destroyed relationships right and left since I started to drink….and already some of the people I love have let me back into their lives, and it feels so good to have another chance….



Dear Wendi,

I am on day 14 of the Alcohol Freedom program and am quite surprised and pleased with my progress. I have not had a drink in 10 days now, which is about the third or fourth longest period of time for me without significant drinking in nearly 20 years. I have enough experience with “recovery” to know that I am probably far from “cured,” but I feel really comfortable with my choice not to drink. And best of all, I can already see substantial and motivating improvements in my relationships with others, particularly my wife and young children.shutterstock_285079

During the first 3 to 5 days of abstinence with your program I experienced some symptoms of withdrawal which I discussed with my wife, a physician. Despite the initial symptoms of withdrawal, I was, and remain, shocked by my apathy toward drinking alcohol. I have been relatively free from the overwhelming urges that I have experienced during previous periods of abstinence.

By any standard I have been a very heavy drinker, particularly in the past 6 or 7 years. Despite what I have considered pleasurable and even mentally medicinal, drinking has had many negative impacts for me (as one would expect) — some quite measurable and others I have yet to recognize and deal with. I tried rehab. at McLean Hospital in Boston, AA, Smart Recovery, therapy, psychiatry, various books, and some religion. I have most often relapsed within 3 to 10 days. One time I made it 30 days with white knuckles, and after my voluntary stint at McLean I went 60+ days. Incidentally, I always recognized that I had “reasons” that I drank and that I developed a chemical dependency, but I never agreed that I had an incurable and perpetual “drinking decease.”

I am 45 years old, trained as an engineer and businessman, and am a successful self-made entrepreneur starting and owning a number of businesses over the course of my career. I am scientific, practical, skeptical, independent, and conservative, and I have even been disciplined about my drinking, although drinking large quantities every night. I would not have put myself in a category likely to be successful with hypnosis and meditation (a little too soft for me). In fact, I was totally prepared to return your product upon failure.

Now I am dedicated to meditation and hypnosis with you on a daily basis. I estimate that with exercise and your program I am now committing 3 to 4 hours a day to self improvement. Maybe the integration of your program into my ongoing self improvement mindset has helped make it successful for me. It doesn’t really matter how and why though, its working so far and I am grateful to have this opportunity, and I, MYSELF, AM CHOOSING TO NOT DRINK.



Dear Wendi,

First the problem. I drink every night and felt trapped. I was a functioning alcoholic. In addition, when my wife fell asleep I would eat carb-laden food and hardly remembered eating it. When I had my medical exam last spring, all of this showed up:

60 lbs overweighthigh blood sugarhigh cholesterolhigh triglycerideshigh blood pressure = 155/95

Given my high stress job, the above was a recipe for a heart attack and/or diabetes liver disease, etc. The bottom line was that I was headed for a train wreck if I did not do something. Just saying no did not work—I tried to quit several times and failed and each failure further exacerbated my situation and my self-esteem. AA while great for the very far gone was not for me.

Finally, in desperation, I searched the Internet for some help and clicked on your site. The empowerment message was attractive to me so I decided to give your alcohol freedom a try. BEST DECISION THAT I HAVE EVER MADE!!!!

I listened to all the tapes and followed the instructions to the max. The results were and continue to be amazing!!Weight went from 250 to 190Blood sugar normalCholesterol in normal rangeTriglycerides in normal rangeBlood pressure = 130/80

In addition, to the above medical results, I have much greater energy in my life. Everything is better….

Also, I have received numerous comments from family and friends noting that I look 10 years younger. I recently went to my 40th reunion and enjoyed this immensely with my new found image and esteem.

Here is the irony. It was much easier than I expected it to be. Sure there are times when I feel like I am missing out but when I replay the suggestions from the tapes in my mind and think of the results that I have achieved, I feel comfortable with my decision to stop. I am popular anyway now as I function as the designated driver for most of our social events. That is one of the freedoms: freedom from fear of being stopped by the police for a DUI.

Your alcohol freedom program truly gave me freedom, peace of mind, and a healthy body.Thanks for putting this program together.



PS, I have recommended your site to all my friends. Not only have I not had a drink since April 15th of 2005 but I have lost 50 pounds as a killer side benefit. I would be glad to do an additional testimonial. I would like to note that your CD’s propelled me to a much greater quality and most likely quantity of life.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


As the title reads, I wanted to thank you VERY MUCH for your freedom from alcohol program! For almost 4 years I was drinking a LARGE bottle of wine (5-6 or 7 glasses) EVERY DAY. I was one of those people that really wanted to be able to drink occasionally or ONLY on the weekends. So I began your program with high hopes and had some success, but once the weekend came around I fell back into the drinking pattern and stopped the hypnosis. I was drinking every night once again telling myself that I would stop after this event or that event. Didn’t happen. This went on for a bit and I finally decided that maybe I wasn’t going to be an occasional drinker, and decided to do the aversion part of your program. It has worked so AMAZINGLY well for me. I didn’t drink at all for 7 days. Then Friday came and I had none, then Saturday came and I had a few glasses (no where NEAR my usual 5 or 6). Guess what?

It wasn’t “all that” Sunday and Monday have passed without drinking and I feel CONTROL, not even a craving on my way home from work or when evening came which was very typical for me. I think that for some people to become the “occasional drinker” the aversion part of the program may be necessary. Though after Saturday I don’t know that I will ever drink again even occasionally, but I DO know that I now have control and that feels amazing! Thank you once again! I hope you have an amazing day!Diane


I am 36 days sober today on Valentines day and my husband could not be happier as he is a non drinker. He bought the CD’s for me for Christmas and after trying to stop for over 20years this is the only thing that has worked for me so far. The Zapper cd has helped me to change my thinking and I don’t crave Alcohol. I walked by a man reaking of Beer and I almost vomited. I commented to my husband “is that what I smelled like?” Thank you.

Anonymous in Florida_____________It has been over four months that I took my last drink. It has been easy which is unbelievable to me as I have no more desires. I feel tremendously healthy. I feel empowered and free from needing alcohol in my life. I owe it all to the program that has taken away the dreaded and shameful dependency. I realized that the reasons I drank were more about old beliefs and past sensations that I held in my subconscious. I imagined a time when my parents were happy around the smell of alcohol. I believed that as a young child this was what “happy” was supposed to be like when in reality it was more about lack of confidence and escape. I learned negative patterns that made me drink myself into oblivion. But now all that energy for drinking has been cleared away to reveal my truth. I no longer need alcohol to be feel confident or happy!

Anonymous in New Mexico


It took me a few weeks before there was any changes, but there are definitely changes. I used to drink every night. Now, I enjoy taking care of my kids (sober) instead of wanting to get them into bed so I could drink and I am in bed at a decent time (not up late getting drunk) and getting up early to go to the gym (which I attribute to the CDs). The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I still drink sometimes (which is fine), but I don’t do it moderately yet. Maybe I’ll join the forum because I consider this to be a journey and not an overnight cure. I want to thank Wendi for this program because I have always had a problem with the whole AA thing. I believe it takes away your control to condemn yourself as an alcoholic for the rest of your life. Alcohol has it’s place and like anything else, it can be abused.


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