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From Ken
Dear Wendi,
At age 45 I had been drinking since I was about 15. I had tried numerous ways to quit drinking. AA, rehab, cold turkey you name it. A few days or weeks I would be right back to where I was only feeling worse about myself after another failed attempt to quit drinking. I never could stop the desire to drink.

Wendi’s program changed my thinking and gave me a new lease on life. I have been sober 10 month’s now and haven’t had a desire to drink in about 9 and half months. I lost 20 LBS, workout, write have dreams and goals again! I have a new life.No desire to drink… doesn’t bother me at all. I still play golf with my drinking buddy’s and tailgate at Carolina Panther games, and I am often asked to be the Designated Driver. Ironic after numerous dui’s. Even when I am not listening to the cd’s I often hear Wendi’s sweet voice telling me to be proud of the person I have become.
I am extremely proud of myself and happier then I have ever been.
Thanks Wendi
I really can’t thank you enough!”