Day 7- Addiction Free

Day 7
Sweet Surrender!

Today is your day. And one of my favorite sessions is ready for you.

You are waking up to the joy and strength of having amazing confidence.
Next, you will use the Sweet Surrender sessions to give you a great way to transform any negative thoughts, release stress and feel an amazing sense of freedom.


Watch the video – Sweet Surrender

Please allow time to load to avoid any pauses during playback.



Daytime Session – Sweet Surrender

Be sure to keep the short session from the Sweet Surrender program with you.

Download it onto your iPod, Phone, Laptop or anywhere that you will have it handy to use as often as you need.

If you use the short 3 minute session every time you have cravings, or thoughts about drugs, alcohol or addictive behaviors come up, you will be teaching your brain to change the way it responds. Repetition is important when overcoming addiction and the more you use this process, the faster you will feel powerful, committed and absolutely confident that you will stay free from addiction.

Audio Download – Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender
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Choose Your Audio Session

Choose Your Audio Download

Choose the session that will be best to fit your situation.

  • No More Anger
  • Addiction Zapper
  • Fingernail Biting
  • Alcohol Zapper
  • Just Say No

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Tonight Before Sleep – Sacred Serenity

Tonight- fall asleep to the Sacred Serenity program and enjoy a deep transformation as you sleep.

Audio Download – Sacred Serenity

Somnulucent- Sacred Serenity
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The Future

You are about to live an amazing life.
The last seven days are just the beginning. You can continue to experience a session every day, and continue for the 30 day program if you want to have more guidance and get really solid in your commitment.

Would you like to see what you will be doing for the next 20 days? Go here to learn why this might be the most important decision you will ever make.