Day 5- Addiction and your Future

Day 5
Time Line Journey- Creating your future

Today you will be creating your future! Each session is used for creating the future that you want, and finding out who you are in this future. As you listen to each session, make sure you are very aware and able to focus on the session. Don’t let yourself fall asleep during these sessions, these require that you are aware of what is happening during the session.

Be sure you put yourself into these future moments without using words that are about addiction.

Don’t say, I won’t be drinking, or I won’t be using drugs.
Instead use statements that describe HOW you DO want to feel.
Use statements that have meaning for you and always state them in the positive.

  • For instance, if you say “I am healthy, strong, and love my life” these might mean much more for you than saying what you don’t want.
  • I am healthy- this might mean that you have healthy thoughts, you surround yourself with people who are not addicts, you give your body good nutrition and exercise.
  • I am strong- this might mean that your commitment is strong, you are an example to others, your thoughts are focused on what you DO want, you are dependable.
  • I love my life- this might mean that you are rebuilding your relationships, connecting with your family, finding friends who are supportive and healthy.


Watch the video – Time Line Future

Please allow time to load to avoid any pauses during playback.



Written Homework


ake time to do the writing that is described in the Introduction.

Writing has power. Taking time to fully describe what you want is going to make today’s sessions really powerful.


Daytime Session – Future Time Line

Audio Download – Future Time Line

1. Future Creation Intro
2. Health
3. Power and Confidence
4. Love and Sex
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Tomorrow Morning – Creation

Tomorrow morning I want you to wake up to an amazing session.
Have it ready to go so you can listen to it FIRST THING IN THE MORNING in bed!

Audio Download – Creation

Wake Up Happy- Creation
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