Day 4- Addiction and your Past

Day 4
Time Line Journey- Letting Go of the Past

Today you will experience a session that takes you into your past to change the perspective and perceptions of what you have experienced. Using the Time Line process you will resolve some of your experiences of the past and let go of the judgement, blame and conflict that has been preventing you from being free.

To end your struggle with addiction and prevent relapse, you must resolve your past and learn to keep the valuable lessons that each experience brings. The session you will experience will allow your inner mind to resolve these issues without having to re-live the memory.


Watch the video – Time Line Past

Please allow time to load to avoid any pauses during playback.



Written Homework

Be sure you won’t be disturbed as you listen to these sessions today.

Have a pen and paper handy to write down your thoughts and feelings after the session.


Daytime Session – Time Line Past

You will be completing all these sessions today.
You don’t have to do them all in one sitting, you can space them out.

If you don’t finish them all today, don’t move on to Day 5 until these are complete.

Audio Download – Time Line Past

1. Intro to Time Line
2. Past Time Line – Orientation
3. Past Time Line – Release and Resolve
4. Future Time Line – Create and Commit

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