Day 1-Addiction and Nutrition

Day 1

Getting Started

What does it take to end an addiction?
It is much more than willpower and white knuckling or making it til midnight.
Your willpower and commitment is subject to the condition of your body, brain, blood sugar, hormones, endorphines, dopamine and amino acids.
This video will help you understand why your brain needs nutrition help and why you need to work on many aspects of addiction to be completely free from relapse.

imagesPeople stop their addictions every day, many of them do it on their own with no help.
Some people find AA or 12 Step programs are helpful, and if that is working well for you and you feel great, please continue to support the program.

If you have tried rehab, 12 steps, AA or NA, but you are still struggling with cravings and self doubt… or you just don’t feel like you have healed your past or found your inner strength, you are going to love this program.


Watch the video – Nutrition

Please allow time to load to avoid any pauses during playback.


writeWritten Homework

After you are done, do these two writing assignments.

Today, simply start by writing down what you would like your life to be like without addiction.

1- What will you be doing?

2- How will you be different, happier, healthier?

3- What will you be doing for work and support?

4- Who will you be friends with?

Next, write a letter from your future.

Write this as a letter that is TO you, and FROM you. Date it 1 year in the future.

Start by saying something like this.
Dear ______,
Life has been so different and I am excited to tell you what wonderful things I am doing these days….

Audio Session – Self Talk

Audio Download – Self Talk

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Tonight Before Sleep – Blissful Sleep

Tonight, listen to this session as you are falling asleep.
Tomorrow you will start a journey that will make massive changes for you every day.
Stay committed and focused!
Do the writing assignments when asked.
Make a choice to live every day consciously and aware, ready for a big change.

Audio Download – Blissful Sleep

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Nutritional help

What You Will Need this Week


1- Lots of fresh, clean water. The more water you drink, the better your brain will feel.
2- A journal- Find a nice new journal that feels good in your hand and is special to you for your writing this week.

3- Healthy foods- stock up with fresh vegetables and fruits and lean proteins. NO junk food this week.

Your aim is to give your body and your brain the nutrition it needs.

If you decide you want to make my superfood smoothies that I will show you in the video, here are some ingredients you can get today.
Some of these will only be found in a health food type grocery store.

  • Whey Protein Powder
  • Hemp Powder Goji Berries, or Goji juice
  • Twister powder- this is in a pouch and has sprouted chia, rice, and flax seeds. OR get sprouted flaxseed. Costco has a nice tub of it.
  • Dark Berries, frozen are fine.
  • Fresh fruits that are low in sugar- most berries are great.
  • Rice milk, or almond milk.
  • Non fat, organic plain yogurt. (optional if you do not eat dairy)
  • Fiber (I use psyllium husk that you can get in bulk at many health stores)
  • Supplements-
    A great multi vitamin
    Omega 3, either fish oil, or krill oil (better)
    Ester C (a better form of vitamin C)

    Amino Acid supplements
    More nutrition information here, very helpful. See the chart on that page for more supplement help with specific addictions.

  • Tea- get an assortment of tea, especially if you are going to quit drinking alcohol. Having tea throughout the day is really satisfying. Green tea is a super antioxidant, choose calming teas like chamomile for evening.

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