Addiction Help

Are you ready to END your cravings, stop your fear of relapse, and finally feel powerful and in control?faces6

I know that the next 7 days will change everything about your struggle with addiction.

I am committed to giving you an immense life changing week.
During these 7 days you will have a powerful commitment, a life long change, releasing of your inner conflict.
Are you ready?

How does Hypnosis affect addiction?

Your brain will achieve a complete state change that will release the habitual and compulsive thoughts that cause addiction relapse.

  • Daily Videos
    Start every day with a commitment as you watch the video. I will show you exactly what we are going to achieve each day.
  • Journal Writing
    Process your feelings, thoughts, and accomplishments and put your commitments in writing.
  • Audio Sessions
    My Powerful, proven hypnosis sessions will completely change the triggers, urges and subconscious reactions. You will feel better with every hypnotherapy session.
  • Community
    Get support, and be connected with others who have found amazing success with hypnotherapy.
  • Personal Assistance
    Anytime you need help, our staff is ready to help you personally.

End Your Addiction

Even if you have been through drug and alcohol rehab, or hvae been clean and sober for years, you might be like so many other people who are struggling every day to try to make it til midnight. Even though your drug use ends, the brain’s responses to triggers may not have changed.
Learn why you will never be free from your struggle with addiction if you do NOT resolve these 7 issues.

Let me show you why these 7 principles are needed for success in overcoming addiction.

After you understand these concepts, you will understand why rehab often fails.
Do you want to be powerful, healthy and in control… and free from addiction forever?

Let’s get started!

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“Dear Wendi,

I am 45 years old, trained as an engineer and businessman, and am a successful self-made entrepreneur starting and owning a number of businesses over the course of my career. I am scientific, practical, skeptical, independent, and conservative, and I have even been disciplined about my drinking, although drinking large quantities every night. I would not have put myself in a category likely to be successful with hypnosis and meditation (a little too soft for me). In fact, I was totally prepared to return your product upon failure.

Now I am dedicated to meditation and hypnosis with you on a daily basis. I estimate that with exercise and your program I am now committing 3 to 4 hours a day to self improvement. Maybe the integration of your program into my ongoing self improvement mindset has helped make it successful for me. It doesn’t really matter how and why though, its working so far and I am grateful to have this opportunity, and I, MYSELF, AM CHOOSING TO NOT DRINK. Mark”