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The most trusted, most successful Hypnotist in the world.
Her web site is the #1 hypnosis site on the internet, rated by Alexa.com



Wendi Friesen is fascinated by hypnosis and the effect that suggesting has on our body and mind

She first began studying Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the potential effects of the waking trance states that are produced with language patterns, covert programming and embedded suggestions.

As she learned hypnosis, she explored deeper states of trance and traveled to seek out trainers in the US and in England, to become an expert.

Studying the effects of thought, belief, placebo and suggestion on our physical state of health and emotion allows her to experiment with her clients to produce dramatic and unusual changes in the health and physical state of a person.
Wendi teaches covert persuasion, hypnotic marketing, and body language.

Wendi’s seminars around the world show the effects of a state of mind that is induced with suggestion.

The combination of over 12 years of research, over 10,000 clients, and 100,000s around the world in seminars and her creative and intuitive mind, has made her an expert in her field.

She is a popular speaker for corporations, sales teams, medical professionals, and athletes.

Recently she appeared on Fox and Friends. You can see this video here.

Wendi’s Web and AM radio shows:
– Coast to Coast AM
– Magic 101
– Darian O’toole show
– Armstrong and Getty show
– Talk America
– Vince Maestraco Golf show
– Mike Gallagher show
– Over 100 other talk radio shows!

Media video with several of her TV appearances:
Wendi’s Media Reel
Wendi on Fox and Friends New Year’s Day
Wendi on other TV shows:
– The Man Show on Comedy Central
– GMTV in England
– The Style Channel- a Modern Girls Guide to Life
– Queen Latifah show
– Showtime
– Beyond Show
– Comedy Central
– Good Day Sacramento
– Good Day New York
– Rags to Riches (pilot)

Wendi in print and other media:
Wendi on The Arizona Republic
– Financial Times (London)
– Child Magazine
– Fitness Magazine
– First For Women
– Salon.com magazine
– Health and Fitness
– Washington Post
– GQ Magazine
– Men’s Health
– Channels Magazine

Wendi has appeared on many local and national TV and radio shows. Some of her appearances include:
Coast to Coast AM, Showtime, The Man Show on Comedy Central, Beyond Show, GMTV in England, The Style Channel- a Modern Girls Guide to Life, Queen Latifah show, Good Day Sacramento, Washington Post, GQ magazine, Channels Magazine, Men’s Health, Mike Gallagher show, KSTE, KFBK, KONA-FM, Magic 101, KHTK, Darian O’toole show, Financial Times (London), Child Magazine, Fitness magazine, First For Women, Salon.com magazine, Health and Fitness, Armstrong and Getty show, Talk America, Vince Maestraco Golf show, Chancellor Media, and over 100 radio talk shows. She was filmed for an HBO documentary about her hypnosis work love, sex, and relationships, from her book Hypnotize Your Lover. Recently a film crew came to her office to film Rags to Riches, a new pilot for FOX. She has also appeared at many high school and university shows throughout the country. Wendi is a well know international speaker and trainer, and conducts trainings and seminars in Europe, UK, and USA.
Her expertise was used by Market Makers on the Pacific Stock Exchange to give them the Mental Edge and Trade with greater confidence in a high stress and fast paced environment.
In addition to her sales training for business, she was hired by a Minister of Foreign Affairs to achieve greater confidence and sharpen his mental strategies.
Chancelor Media is among her clients who used her Financial Abundance Training to increase sales and break records. A popular speaker and trainer, Wendi presents a high energy, fun and interactive training that can be customized for your sales team, business, or medical group.
Wendi’s recent LONDON training was a great success, with the Financial Abundance Training. She has already been asked to return in the fall for another Money Magnet weekend. She was featured in the Financial Times with a story about her Abundance Training.


Really, it’s all about me and Adam. Honest.

Good Day Sacramento, Channel 31 
“I am ready for my close up!”

1996 Paul Lyle from KST 650 radio
Thanks Paul! You are a gem. You started it all with your help and generosity

Wendi on The Arizona Republic
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 What an amazing journey!

Over 10 years ago I began my Hypnotherapy training because I was curious about what people can do with their minds.
Most of what I learned was unbelievable and sounded much too simple. How could it be that the mind is this easily directed to heal and change, and yet people remain stuck and sick? I completed my first training, ventured into the therapy profession and found my passion. Without question, this is what I love to do. Helping people realize their potential, and feel good about who they are is priceless. It is true what they say… find something you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life.

This profession is challenging, exciting, heartbreaking and fulfilling. It takes courage, creativity, and compassion. I am learning more and more about these every day. One of the most important things I have learned is about what we all have in common. Our joys, our sorrows, our fears and our deepest needs… a common thread we all share. In our pursuit of happiness we often get side-tracked, angry, bitter and resentful. All we want is to be happy, and in the pursuit we sometimes get farther from what we want. And then we become ill. Our body cannot hold all of this negative and unresolved emotion, and not have it show up in a physical way.

There is a way to be happy again. This does not mean we can be happy every minute. Life is challenging and in meeting our challenges we are able to grow. The happiness in the realization that we can choose to embrace the lessons, appreciate who we become in our growth and feel proud of our ability to rise when we fall.

Cherish your experiences… they make you who you are. Value the lessons life gives you and know that at every moment in your life, you were always doing the very best you could. As you learned more, you did better. Looking back on your memories, knowing what you know now, you would have done things differently. BUT at the time, with the upbringing and the knowledge and wisdom at that time, you did the very best you could. Guilt serves no purpose. Let go and remind yourself that you embrace your lessons and learnings, and gratefully and willingly put them in the past.
Grow from what you have learned and discover who you really are and how good it feels to live a life without fear!

Today is your day.
Heartfelt hugs,,